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All packing services are undertaken in-house by our own highly trained professional packing team. We have safely packed thousands of motorcycles in our time, and each and every one travels as securely as it possibly can, with each shipping case custom built around the motorcycle. We pack all motorcycles to the same exacting standards irrespective of the mode of transport.

Frequently Asked Questions

What needs to be done to the motorcycle prior to collection?

The motorcycle must be cleaned. The fuel tank must be as low as possible - maximum a quarter of a tank. There is no need to remove engine oil. Battery must be disconnected and terminals must be taped up.

Do you require the motorcycle keys?

We do not require the keys as long as the bike has no steering lock mechanism. They can be shipped with the bike if required and attached safely to the frame.

What paperwork do you require?

We require proof of ownership, a copy of the registration document, and if sold a copy of the sales receipt.

For exporting to certain countries we need a copy of the importers passport, this will be advised at the time of booking.

Do you offer a UK Export motorcycle crating service?

Yes, we have our own in-house packers who are highly experienced and will custom build a secure shipping crate for your motorcycle.

What paperwork will I recieve?

A bill of lading for sea freight or an airway bill for air freight will be generated and forwarded to you by e-mail. This will confirm the booked vessel or flight. This will be required for Customs clearance on arrival.

Do I need to be VAT registered to import or export from the UK or EU?

No you do not need to be VAT registered to import or export motorcycles. But you do need to have a valid EORI number for commercial imports but not private imports.

What is an EORI number?

An EORI number is a unique identifier for every commercial importer or exporter within the European Union. Call us on 0208 893 7722 for help and advice.

Can an individual import or export motorcycles or are only companies allowed to do this?

Private importers do not need an EORI number if the motorcycle is for personal use. Call us on 0208 893 7722 for help and advice.

How do I apply for an EORI Number?

Each country manages the issue of EORI numbers through its Customs services. In the UK there are two forms which need to be completed to apply for an EORI number. This is a free service, and if you ship with us we will be more than happy to help with submitting the required documentation.

What do I need to do about registering an imported motorcycle?

If you import a motorcycle to be used permanently in the UK you must ensure that it is registered correctly. This must be carried out as soon as the bike is in the UK.

What is the NOVA Scheme?

If your motorcycle has been imported and you are a VAT Registered business but not using a secure registration scheme, then you need to use the Notification of Vehicle Arrival (NOVA) scheme. A link can be found further down this page.

VAT registered trader/company or Private import?

Being VAT registered make a big difference when importing into the UK by enabling VAT paid to be reclaimed. Vehicles that are imported for Private / Personal use can only be imported with the Customs Form C384 which carries a declaration stating that the vehicle is for your own use. . A link can be found further down this page.

What about Vehicles of Historic Interest?

Any motor vehicle manufactured before 1950 is eligible for import duty and a reduced rate of VAT. If your vehicle is younger you will need to apply for a BTI (Binding Tariff Information) explaining your reasons, such as the vehicle is rare, owned by a famous person or won a famous race.

Note that the Revenue and Customs classification category is not the same the DVLA historic vehicle taxation class which includes all vehicles pre January 1973. Certain criteria has to be met to qualify under 9705 Goods of Historical Interest category and eligible for Customs duty exemption and 5% VAT.

Vehicles manufactured pre-1950 are automatically classified.

Please Note: Insurance cover must be confirmed and approved prior to the collection of your motorcycle.

Insurance Services

Upon the payment of a competitively priced premium, a marine policy is available.

Coverage is calculated to include the value of the motorcycle, the shipping charges, plus an additional 10%. The policy is payable at either the point of origin or destination in the unlikely event that you need to make a claim.

Secure & Safe Packing Services

We want your pride and joy to arrive at it’s destination exactly as it left you, so the packing and how well it is carried out is of paramount importance.

Find out more about our  motorcycle import and export services.

As we are currently dealing with the majority of classic motorcycle dealers, we are able to provide information on motorcycles here in the United Kingdom, which are available for purchase either from dealers or private vendors. If you let us know the details of the motorcycle you wish to locate, if we know of one or can locate one for you, we will pass on the sellers details to you so you can contact them directly.

Location Service

This is a free of charge services specifically developed for our overseas who are looking to purchase a particular classic or vintage motorcycle from within the United Kingdom.

Please Note: Insurance cover must be confirmed and approved prior to the collection of your motorcycle.

Assembly Service

Should you have more than one motorbike for exportation from the United Kingdom, we can act as your local receiving depot, liasing on your behalf with each of your various suppliers, receiving and storing your orders until all of your goods have been received.

We will keep you informed about each and every delivery, and only when we receive your confirmation, forward these goods to you as a single consignment, saving you money on duplicated freight and clearance charges.

Most collections are undertaken by our own highly experienced personnel in our own vehicles. All of our vehicles are fitted with access ramps for your motorcycle, special protective blankets and tie-down straps to ensure your bike is transported safely and securely back to our warehouse for professional packing and crating.

Call us to discuss a motorbike collection time that suits you on 0208 893 7722.

Export Motorcycle Collection Service

Your motorcycle will be collected at a time that is convenient to yourself.

Shipping Documents for Export

We will undertake all shipping documentation on your behalf together with the UK Customs NES export entry. Naturally we will liaise with the shipping line or airline on your behalf, and will undertake the transfer of your motorcycle to the port or airport.

Copy shipping documents will be forwarded for your records once your motorcycle has departed, with original documents forwarded to the destination to ensure prompt Customs clearance on arrival.


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Below are some links to some useful resources that may come in handy when importing or exporting your motorcycle.

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